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Making tables print pretty in IE, part 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I had come up with a way to prevent tables in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 from looking like this. In this post, I’ll show you how to do it.

(Disclaimer: This method has been found to break if the a cell has a line break in it or is wrapped to a second line).

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Making tables print pretty in IE, part 1

So I’m currently doing a side job developing a web application to help pay for Wezzle and, y’know, food and shelter.

Basically, I’m making a system that displays tables grabbed from an Oracle database using elaborate queries.  That’s the easy part.  These tables need to be printed out.  That’s the hard part. We’ll talk about that here, specifically in relation to IE7 (the hacks here might not work for Firefox or Chrome).

(Disclaimer: This method has been found to break if the a cell has a line break in it or is wrapped to a second line).

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So you’re probably wondering what’s up with Wezzle?

Since Test6, we’ve added quite a bit of stuff and are moving quickly towards a release.  However, a lot remains to be done.  Here’s some of the new stuff we’ve added since Test6:

  • An updated Play Now menu that has a look consistent across all menues.
  • An achievements browser, that allows you to scroll through all achievements in the game and to see which ones you have done, and when.
  • An in-game achievement notification.  In fact, we’ve added a general notification system that will give you tips and other information as the game progresses (these can be turned off, of course).
  • Improved line sounds.  As you get more and more line chains, the line sound increases by a semi-tone.  It’s quite exciting.
  • An improved tile dropping algorithm.  You now get fewer random drop-in lines, so that the game no longer feels like it plays itself.
  • An improved, peripheral timer.  When you get up to level 10 like the big boys, you need to have a better idea of how much time you have.  Our new timer does just that.

Those are just the things I can think of.  There’s been numerous small bugfixes and graphical updates that would be too tedious to list here.

Since we’ve added some many new things, it’s almost time to make a new release.  Beta testers should expect the release of Test7 in the next couple weeks.  If you are not a beta tester, and would like to participate in testing Wezzle, contect us here.


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