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New Arrayzing Command: merge()

Some nights, as I lay awake in bed, trying to sleep, I think about Arrayzing workflows.  Lately, I’ve been thinking of the different ways users might use Arrayzing. In particular, I’ve been thinking of how a user could edit a subset of elements in a zing without disturbing other elements. The result of this thoughtstream is a new Arrayzing command: merge().

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Arrayzing vs. Array: get() and set()

What does Arrayzing provide that a normal Array doesn’t? I hope to answer that question in my series of posts Arrayzing vs. Array. In today’s installment, we’ll take a look at what the get() and set() functions offer over an Array’s traditional [] accessor.

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Arrayzing Design Choices

Lately, I’ve been working an awful lot on a new project called Arrayzing.  The goal of Arrayzing is to adapt the design of jQuery to work with JavaScript arrays of anything. 

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