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Integrating your SaaS app with Yammer

Using just became even easier, thanks to our new Yammer integration. Since the general procedure for integrating with Yammer should be similar for most SaaS apps, I made a public template of the process:

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How to add support for posting multipart forms to the Play Scala WS library

For Process Street‘s Yammer integration, I needed to post file attachments to their API using the Play Scala WS library.

However, it turns out that WS does not yet support uploading files using multipart/form-data and POST. There are several workarounds on the ‘net, but they all involve getting the underlying Ning Java client and doing thing manually.

Why not harness the power of Play and Scala and write our own Writeable to do that job? Heck, we already have a MultipartFormData object for handling multipart form requests, why not use that?

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How to create an Angular directive for eonasdan’s Bootstrap datetime picker

I recently needed to add a DateTime picker to Process Street for use with our upcoming assignment feature. I ended up choosing eonasdan’s DateTime picker. Here’s the code to wrap it in an AngularJS directive:

…and here’s the code to include it in your AngularJS app:

Play 2 Framework not finding environment variables in IntelliJ IDEA on Mac

Recently I was experiencing an issue with the Play 2 Framework where it could not find environment variables on Mac OS when compiled within IntelliJ IDEA. The solution turned out to be simple, but could be inconvenient when an environment variable is used in many programs.

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Process Street is looking for a UI/UX Co-Founder

We are looking for a team member to join as a co-founder for a new startup called Process Street. Process Street is building a collaborative process management system targeted at the SME market.

We are a brand new startup, working to build our MVP. We currently have 2 of our desired 3 “Dream Team”. We have our Hustler (business/marketing) and our Hacker (coding/sys-admin), we just need our Hipster (UI/UX) co-founder to help make our dream a reality.

We are Australian and Canadian and the company is based in Delaware, USA, but we are living and working in Buenos Aires, where we plan to build out the initial product and work on doing market testing and gaining traction. If everything goes well, we plan to move to San Francisco (Silicon Valley) to scale out the business.

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