CoffeeDOM 1.0.0 API

org.cdmckay.coffeedom Classes to represent the components of an XML document.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.adapters Classes to interface with various DOM implementations.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.filter Classes to programmatically filter nodes of a document based on type, name, value, or other aspects and to boolean and/or/negate these rules.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.input Classes to build CoffeeDOM documents from various sources.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.output Classes to output CoffeeDOM documents to various destinations.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.transform Classes to help with transformations, based on the JAXP TrAX classes.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.xpath Support for XPath from within CoffeeDOM.
org.cdmckay.coffeedom.xpath.jaxen Jaxen support for CoffeeDOM.


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