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Dnum is an LGPL licensed static class for accessing enumeration values much like the built-in .NET Enum class. Unlike Enum, Dnum is type-safe, reducing the number of enum-related runtime errors and eliminating the need for tedious, error-prone and inelegant down-casts.

Dnum also transparently supports the DescriptionAttribute attribute, which allows you to conveniently use spaces and other characters in your enumeration constants.


SpriteFactory is a BSD licensed ActionScript 3 library that makes it easy to generate multiple sprites from a bitmap image (like a JPG, PNG or GIF) without needing to use multiple loaders.


Fep is a new programming language that compiles into PHP. Fep aims to provide a less noisy syntax, a more consistent object-oriented programming API (based on Microsoft’s .NET framework), and interop with existing PHP code.


Olivine is a .NET (and Java and Objective-C) inspired PHP class library that attempts to provide a coherent and useful type hierarchy for PHP.


Arrayzing (a contraction of “array” and “amazing”) was a partially finished JavaScript array manipulation library with a syntax similar to jQuery. It was intended to do for arrays what jQuery did for the DOM.


JSS (JavaScript Stylesheets) is a JavaScript implementation of CSS. JSS allows you to define your stylesheets in JavaScript using a CSS-like syntax. JSS also offers non-programmers a simplified CSS-like way to access advanced features of jQuery like events.